In Memory of Steven Lugg

We have now been informed that Steven’s funeral will be on Friday 17th August at 13.00 hours.  The service will be held at St Mary’s Church in Ferndown, BH22 9EU.  The service will be followed by a private internment for family followed by refreshments. As we are sure you understand, given Steven’s many roles, this is likely to be a very large funeral.  Steven’s family have therefore asked if we can give them an idea of the number of people intending to go.  If you are planning to attend the funeral please contact Sue Ramage to let her know how many people will be attending and if you also intend to stay for the refreshments.  Further details regarding the day will be given in due course.

We are deeply saddened to inform you that our Chief Executive, Steven Lugg sadly passed away on Friday. As many of you will be aware Steven had been fighting a courageous battle against cancer for a number of months, and our deepest sympathies go out to his wife and family at this difficult time.

Steven contributed a great deal to Town and Parish Councils within Hampshire during his 13 years as the Chief Executive of Hampshire ALC, and we know that our member Councils greatly valued his advice, thorough understanding of the sector and charismatic approach. Steven significantly changed the face of the ALC and affected a number of outstanding achievements during his 13 years as Chief Executive, most recently in relation to the excellent work in developing the partnering arrangement we now have with Hampshire County Council.

Steven contributed greatly to the sector outside Hampshire too, both in his home County of Dorset where he was a Town Councillor, and indeed Mayor this year, as well as being a District and County Councillor. He also contributed greatly to the sector at a national level and worked closely with County Officers across the Country to champion the voice of Town and Parish Councils. Within the ALC Steven created a robust, very well respected organisation and a strong team, and with them offered an increasing level of support to our member Councils.

In relation to the day to day operation of the ALC we will be looking to appoint a new Chief Executive towards the end of this year. In the meantime, and in the interest of stability and continuity, the HALC Board of Directors has appointed Dawn Hamblet as the interim Chief Executive. As many of you will know Dawn has carried out work for HALC for the last four years, heading up the Local Council People and Development Service (LCPD) for the last 3 years. She has therefore developed a good understanding of the sector and of the ALC.

As I am sure you will appreciate we do not yet have any further details of the arrangements for Steven’s funeral; however we will update people with these as we hear about them. If you have any messages that you would like to pass on to Steven’s wife and family please send them to Sue Ramage and she will arrange for these to be forwarded on.

Kind Regards

Cllr Mike Evans

Hampshire Association of Local Councils



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