Social distancing in the workplace

Following on from the Prime Minister’s briefing on the roadmap out of lockdown, a 4-step plan to ease lockdown in England has been announced.

People will undoubtedly be wanting information on working from home, when they can return to the workplace and when they can have face to face meetings. The Government will be completing a review of social distancing measures and other long-term measures that have been put in place to limit transmission ahead of Step 4, which will be implemented no earlier than 21st June. The timing of this review is important as more will be understood about the impact of vaccines on transmission and a far greater proportion of the population will have been vaccinated.

The results of the review will help inform decisions on the timing and circumstances, under which rules on 1m+, face masks  and other measures may be lifted. The review will also inform guidance on working from home. The current guidance remains that people should continue to work from home where they can until this review is complete.


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