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Training Courses for Councillors & Officers/Clerks

We are pleased to publicise our training calendar for September 2021 to March 2022.  Courses will all be delivered online, due to the current pandemic, or unless otherwise stated.

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  • Training & Events Calendar - Image below containing a list of our available courses, dates, times and the prices (Prices are based on Hampshire ALC prices. Please see the Terms & Conditions for more information around pricing).
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If you have any questions regarding training courses then please do email us at



11 January

Chairing Skills

18 January

WYNTK pt 1 online

25 January

WYNTK pt 2 online



1 Feb

Knowledge online

8 Feb

Core Skills online

16 Feb

Officers’ Update



1 March

Intro to Cilca (online)

15 March

Convert existing course to Knowledge for BALC

29 March

Core Skills for BALC

29 March

Tenancy Agreements and Policies



5 April

Site Facilities and Health & Safety

12 April

Self-management for Associations / what Local Authorities need to know


27 April

WYNTK (in person) Fleet or Weybrook Park







7 June

Knowledge and Core Skills (at Racquets)

8 June

Officers’ Update (at Potters Heron)

14 June

Knowledge & Core Skills (at Weybridge, B’stoke)

21 June

Chairing Skills (at Racquets)

22 June

Knowledge online 1830-2030

28 June

Knowledge for BALC online 1830-2030



6 July

Core Skills online 1830-2030

12 July

Core Skills for BALC online 1830-2030