NALC and the ALC FAQ

Q.1.  Where do I find the NALC website?

A.  You can find it at

Q.2.  How much does my council pay NALC in the form of an annual levy?

A.  The NALC Affilliation Fee is currently 6.73p per elector with a cap for the largest councils of £1,750.  Hampshire ALC is happy to provide via email, a full affiliations fee spreadsheet, which shows your council’s ALC affiliation fee, and the national levy – in relation to everybody else.

Q.3.  Why does the council have to belong to both ALC and NALC?

A.  The current NALC Constitution means that membership is dual and County Membership with voting rights is co-joined to that of NALC, with a corresponding liability.  However, the councils are the members of NALC and not the County Association.  Despite this, it is the County Association that sends representatives to NALC AGM to vote, and council queries and issues have to be processed through the County.  The County collects the NALC subscriptions, without benefit. 

Q.4.  Can I belong to the County Association without joining NALC?

Membership with voting rights is dual.  However, the ALC offers ‘Development Partner’ status, where all services and benefits – except those appertaining from NALC – are available.  It also offers individual affiliate status.  Councils such as New Milton in Hampshire, Bembridge on IoW and Sandhurst in Berkshire are current development partners.

Q.5.  What do NALC do?

A.  See

Q.6.  What are the benefits of being a member of NALC?

A.  See

Q.7.  Who is the Hampshire ALC’s representative?

A.  The ALC’s National Council member is currently Cllr Loraine Rappe of Wickham PC.

Q.8.  Who represents the Hampshire ALC at NALC’s AGMs?

A.  The Chairman, NALC Representative and Deputy take the ALC’s views to AGM, and vote accordingly, as briefed by the CE.  The Hampshire ALC’s representative(s) to NALC are mandated to forward Hampshire ALC policy and views, as collected through District Associations and individual councils.  He or she is not elected to that position to forward their personal Agenda.  Any representative should be briefed by the CE accordingly before any national meeting.

Q.9.  Is membership value for money, and does it add value to you residents?

A.  That is the question your council need to consider.

Revision 05/01/2018

This document will be amended after every query that is made about NALC, to build a resource to help councils decide upon the future affiliation to NALC.