LCPD People Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions explain the basis upon which Hampshire Association of Local Councils (“Hampshire ALC”), c/o Eastleigh Borough Council, Floor 2, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 9YN will provide Human Resources (HR) services ("the Service"), through subscription to LCPD People, to a parish or town council (“the Council”).

Parish and town councils that are within the Hampshire County boundary and are members of the Hampshire Association of Local Councils or councils that are members of the Isle of Wight Association of Local Councils (“Hampshire ALC Councils”) and parish and town councils that are outside the Hampshire County boundary (“External Councils”) are eligible to join the Service. Parish and town councils that are within the Hampshire County boundary and are not members of the Hampshire Association of Local Councils are not eligible to join the Service.

1. Commencement and termination

The provision of the Service shall commence on 1st April each year, unless the Council wishes to take up the Service part way through a membership year, (“Commencement Date”) and shall continue until 31st March the following year (“Termination Date”) subject to prior termination by either Hampshire ALC or the Council. The Council may terminate the provision of the Service by giving reasonable notice in writing at any time. If the Council cancels the provision of the Service within seven days after the Commencement Date, the Council shall receive a full refund of any charges or expenses paid. If the Council wishes to cancel the provision of the Service more than 7 days after the Commencement Date the Council should note that no refund shall be made and any charges and expenses outstanding shall remain due and payable to Hampshire ALC.

2. The Service

Hampshire ALC shall provide the Service as specified below to the Council on a freelance basis:

Level One:

  • On-going telephone and email employment and HR support

The Council can obtain HR advice regarding specific situations they face as an employer. Hampshire ALC will accept request for advice by telephone, email and letter from the Clerk or appropriate member of the Council, and will respond by telephone or email within 5 working days. The purpose of the on-going telephone and email employment and HR support service is to allow the Council to obtain a check or second opinion on employment or HR issues. The purpose is not to offer in-depth help on complex issues or to provide follow up or ongoing advice on a particular situation.

  • e-newsletters

The Council will receive at least two newsletters by email between the Commencement Date and Termination Date giving the Council information about recent and future changes to employment legislation.

The Council are advised that whilst every care will be taken in compiling HR advice, Hampshire ALC cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. In addition to this, any advice given by Hampshire ALC to the Council is not intended to be a substitute for specific legal advice.

Hampshire ALC may be able to provide the Council with additional HR consultancy and administrative support for projects and lengthy or complex issues. These services are not included as part of this agreement. Information about these additional services, including charges and expenses is published on the Hampshire ALC website, LCPD People Support Options page.

3. People responsible

The Service as described in these terms and conditions will normally be provided by Louise Channell. At various points one or other of her colleagues may assist. We may also use third parties.

4. Charges and expenses

The Council shall pay Hampshire ALC the fee applicable to it published on the LCPD People Support Options page of the Hampshire ALC website per annum. This fee is calculated based on whether the Council is a Hampshire ALC Council or External Council and the number employed by the Council. If the Council wishes to take up the Service part way through a membership year, the full annual fee is payable from the Commencement Date. Hampshire ALC will add VAT to the charge at rate that applies on the Commencement Date. At present VAT is 20%.

The Council shall be responsible for all travel, subsistence and other disbursements incurred by Hampshire ALC in the provision of the Services and such sums shall be reimbursed by the Council.

Hampshire ALC shall submit VAT invoices in respect of the Service provided. Such invoices shall be addressed to the Council, marked for the attention of the Clerk or main contact and sent to the Council.

The Council shall pay Hampshire ALC by cheque or BACS posted to Hampshire ALC at the above address within 30 days of receipt of any such invoice.

5. Confidentiality

In the course of the provision of the Services, Hampshire ALC is likely to have access to secret or confidential information (whether recorded in writing or on computer disk or in any other manner) regarding the affairs of the Council, its employees and electorate. For example details of the Council’s employees and of the remuneration and other benefits paid to them, financial information, password and security information.

During the provision of the Services and after the cessation of such provision Hampshire ALC shall not use (save for the benefit of the Council) and shall not disclose, divulge or communicate directly or indirectly to any third party any such confidential information without the Council’s prior written consent.

6. Raising queries or concerns

Hampshire ALC endeavour to give the Council a high quality of service in all respects. However, if the Council has any queries or concerns about our service, please discuss them with Louise Channell first. If that does not resolve the problem to the Council’s satisfaction, or the Council would prefer not to talk to her, please refer the matter to Steven Lugg at the Hampshire ALC address above and request that the matter be dealt with in accordance with the Hampshire ALC complaints procedure. A copy of this can be found on the Hampshire ALC website Contact Us page.

7. Conclusion

Payment of the Council's annual subscription and/or your continuing instructions will amount to your acceptance of these terms and conditions of business.