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Our Vision


The Association envisages a growing number of parish and town councils throughout the County, serving their communities as the first tier of local government. It wishes to promote a future where principal local authorities recognise the positive contribution made by parish and town councils to local democracy, It aims to communicate effectively with local councils, and respond to their stated needs, in order to help develop the capacity to deliver consistent quality representation, information, facilities and services for all local residents.


  The Hampshire ALC exists to support Hampshire’s local councils, in improving the quality of life of our residents in their local communities. The ALC aims to offer strong representation, provide essential information, and deliver targeted and professional services.  It also intends to be a strong, independent and respected voice for the movement at county, regional and national level. 

 Mission Statement, October 2011


Overarching Objectives

  • To provide quality services to member councils
  • To enable quality training for clerks and councillors
  • To respond to appropriate consultations to ensure that the Association's voice is heard in the formation and amendment of policy
  • To expand Hampshire ALC's role as an exemplar of county associations 
  • To maximise the membership of the Association
  • To support the formation of Quality Parish Councils in the County
  • To strive to work in partnership with Hampshire County Council, District & Borough Councils, and other key organisations, to achieve more effective outcomes for member councils
  • To ensure that its levels of activity are matched to resources available, to ensure a sustainable future for the organisation

Resolved by Hampshire ALC County Board, December 2005