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Become a Member

All local councils and parish meetings in Hampshire are welcome to join the ALC.

Membership also carries automatic membership of the relevant District Association and of the National Association (NALC), based in London. Memberships are intertwined and not available on their own. An NALC subscription is also payable, this membership fee is not within the control of the ALC.

Non-member councils are welcome to apply to become Development Partners with the ALC.  This partnership is outside of the NALC subscription; contact our Chief Executive for more details.

The amount of external funding brought into the sector, and highlighted for local council use also means that subscription fees can be more than covered by claiming external project funding for those proactive councils who wish to. This means that membership often costs less than the funds attracted through that membership.

Summarised Membership Services and Benefits

  • Receive advice and support - Let us help you improve the effective running of your council by accessing our online, telephone and face-to-face services.
  • Learning and Network - Access subscribed training events at a reduced member rate including subsidised in-house training.
  • Information - Keep up-to-date with all issues, policies and legislation affecting the sector.
  • Professional Consultancy - Access a subsidised People and Development service including a subsidised Consultancy Service
  • Voice and Representation - Allow us to represent you and your views with the National Association of Local Councils and principal Hampshire Authorities.  

As an individual, you may become an Affiliate Member.

  • Receive all membership services except for representation or voting rights, and NALC documents.
  • You may access training for the same cost as a full member.
  • For a full guide to Member Services and Benefits please contact us at