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Elections and Co-Options

Local Councils are statutory bodies and part of the local government family.  Contested elections, and therefore councillors with a mandate from residents is a cornerstone of council’s rationale for existence.

The Hampshire ALC has been at the forefront of supporting elections since before 2007.  Many will remember the 2007 beer-mat campaign, with focus groups and seminars forming the focus in 2011. 

This advice page has been redeveloped with useful resources that may help a council, in planning and attracting candidates at election time.  NALC’s Legal Topic Note gives councils the position in law.

Elections 2019

  • The Local Government and Parish and Town Council Elections are on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

  • All Councillors retire and newly elected Councillors take office on the fourth day after the ordinary election (LGA 1972, s16(3)) i.e. Monday 6th May 2019. 

  • Newly elected Councillors cannot be summoned to attend the first annual council meeting until they have taken office, and the statutory three clear working days’ notice of the meeting must be given.

  • The legislation requires that the first annual meeting of the council shall be held on, or within fourteen days after the day on which the councillors elected at the ordinary election take office (LGA 1972, Sch 12, pp 7 & 10)

Key links in understanding the forthcoming elections as a candidate:

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