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Annual Parish Assemblies

Annual Parish Assemblies can be held remotely if done so before 7th May 2021.


Social distancing in the workplace 

The Prime Minister announced a 4-step plan to ease lockdown in England.

As part of this, the Government will be completing a review of social distancing measures ahead of Step 4, which will be implemented no earlier than 21st June. See our news item here for more detail.

The review will also inform guidance on working from home. The current guidance remains that people should continue to work from home where they can until this review is complete. 


SECTION 137 Expenditure Limit 21/22

It has been confirmed that the appropriate sum for the purpose of section 137(4)(a) of the Local Government Act 1972 (the 1972 Act) for parish and town councils in England for 2021-22 is £8.41 per elector.  

This is the amount as a result from increasing the amount of £8.32 for 2020-2021 by the percentage increase in the retail index between September 2019 and September 2020, in accordance with Schedule 12B to the 1972 Act.

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