Introduction to Planning for Local Councils

This 2.5 hour session will take you through the structure of the planning system and the role played by different layers of national and local government. It looks at the ways in which planning applications are made, the decision-making process and what issues can be taken into account when a decision is made. It covers the role of local plans and neighbourhood plans, what happens when there are disputes about development, and how parish/town councils can make the most effective contribution to good planning in their area.

Suitable Audience

Councillors on the planning committee and anyone who will be engaging with planning matters for the first time, or anyone who wishes to update their knowledge of how the planning system operates. Also suitable for members of staff who need to advise on the role of their council in considering common planning issues.

This training may be held face to face or online. If online, you will need a device with a reasonable screen size such as a PC, laptop or tablet to be able to participate fully.


By the end of  the ‘Introduction to Planning for Local Councils’ you will:

  • Have a better understanding of the basic structure of the planning system which should improve your confidence in considering planning issues
  • Be able to make more informed responses on planning matters through knowledge of what is relevant and what is not in decision making
  • Have a greater understanding of the issues facing other participants in the planning system which should enable you to respond more effectively on behalf of your residents


Steve Tilbury, Steve Tilbury Consulting Ltd

2024/2025 Prices

Hampshire ALC Member/Development Partner£48+VAT
Berkshire ALC Member/Non Hampshire Development Partner£59+VAT
Non Member£72+VAT

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